Which One Are You

By: Atomga
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ATOMGA examines the power of choice in how you conduct yourself and how that affects the world around you in “Which One Are You.” Many folks have experienced moments where someone has toed the line of social inappropriateness be it verbally or physically. Depending on the subject, these experiences have fallen on the spectrum from ghastly uncomfortable to salaciously tantalizing. Throughout their nearly decade-long career, ATOMGA’s lyrics have a common thread of magnifying global issues such as social justice, corporate greed, and love for humankind while never being forceful or heavy-handed in their delivery. Vocalist LaShá “CalySōl” Afarko's cheeky and spellbinding lyrics pay homage to Harlem Night’s character “Sunshine” and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear nods of the Rolling Stone’s classic “Miss You.” In recent months, ATOMGA has partnered with the Color Red platform to produce a series of remixes by global producers (including Bosq, Flow Lab Kid, and TNERTLE) while leveraging the spirit of collaboration Color Red imparts on its artists. As a result, the group enlisted the all-star production of Eddie Roberts (tracking engineer/producer), Tony Austin (mixing engineer), and Doug Krebs (mastering engineer) to take the track to the next level.