With An Introduction To THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS they now present their first release in GSA: 15 tracks from four albums plus Fred Everything’s remix of “Your Love Is Mine” as a bonus track - An Introduction To … also is a manifold retrospective of these Britsh funkmonsters! For this they are accompanied by renowned and excellent vocalists as well as instrumentalists with Corinne Bailey Rae, LSK, Sam Bell and Cleve Freckleton among them. And that’s for sure, be it the funky style of “Turn This Thing Around”, “Can’t Hold Me Down” or “The Rooster”, the Ramsey Lewis flair of “Do What You Gotta Do”, the Northern Soul in “Be Yourself”, the Deep Soul in “Your Love Is Mine” or the Flamenco pattern in “Barca”, every single song by The New Mastersounds finds its direct way from your head into your feet! An Introduction To THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS is more than just Funk and Soul, this is just damn good music - an album for the club as well as your home!

Produced By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts

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