She Ain't No Fluffer

By: The Handcuffs
Produced By: The Handcuffs
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“She Ain’t No Fluffer” by The Handcuffs packs a punch with old school, blues-inspired modern rock ’n roll inspired by greats such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple while nodding to modern stars like PJ Harvey and Jack White. The band enlisted their now good friend Morgan Fisher of Mott the Hoople to lend his virtuosity on synthesizers. While Fisher’s work in Mott the Hoople showcases his glorious, glammy “dancehall” piano prowess, his work on “She Ain’t No Fluffer” allows him to veer off and showcase his unabashed virtuosity on the synthesizer playing tasteful parts that soar, yet never take anything away from the other instruments. Thematically, the song covers feminism and femininity; pride and empowerment; strength and sexuality (without judgment), and even enduring friendship—all of it with a clever little wink because none of it has to be mutually exclusive.