Runaway (Stephen Dusenberry Remix)

By: Freekbass , Stephen Dusenberry
Produced By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
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Stephen Dusenbury reimagines Freekbass’ “Runaway” in a stretched-out arrangement that incorporates layers of horns, percussion, and classic elements of funk and soul—all played live with no samples or loops. The Berklee College of Music alum with accolades that include hitting the Billboard charts (Gia, Audio Playground, Noah) and appearing on the Grammy ballot (pop remix for “Orpheus” by Sergio Mendez) is the perfect collaborator to take Freekbass’ time capsule of 80s dance floor funk mixed with futuristic 2025 aesthetics and accentuate it with his compositional instincts and dynamic persona. The chemistry and funk-forward thinking have galvanized an in-person meeting between Dusenbury and Freekbass which embodies the artist-centric sense of agency and ethos Color Red fosters within their international network of artists.