A Slow Demise

By: Andrew Bailie
Produced By: Andrew Bailie
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Andrew Bailie’s upbeat and funky “A Slow Demise” takes a hard look at society’s ills in the twilight of American Democracy. Bailie, a founding member of Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, reflects the plethora of funk and gospel lines rattling around his head at the time of this tune’s inception. During one of many trips to New York City recording his album ‘Wasteland,’ Bailie recalls gazing out of a friend’s Brooklyn window while feeling out funk inspired chord changes and inversions in juxtaposition to song’s melancholy lyrics. The result is a groove oriented and danceable musical arrangement. Bailie was brought into the Color Red family by way of his good friend, longtime Color Red artist and fellow Nebraskan, Josh Hoyer. “A Slow Demise” is an exemplary introduction into Bailie’s superb body of work.