Crab Walk

By: Funkboy
Produced By: Ivan Bodley
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"Crab Walk" by Funkboy showcases both the studio and musical chops of a studio musician and musical director who has mastered the art of remote collaboration. Joining Funkboy on the track are Moses Mo from Mother's Finest, Crispin Cioe from the Uptown Horns (who played the alto solo on James Brown's "Living in America" among other things), Color Red artist James Dower with a long list of credits of his own, drummer Kenny Soule, and percussionist Doug Hinrichs. The song is anchored by a head-bobbing bassline laid down by Funkboy and Dower's hypnotic, bubbling keyboard lines. Cioe demonstrates the ability to be a one-persosn horn section performing multiple saxophone parts and ripping a baritone solo. The groove, rhythmic pocket, and musical chemistry are so simpatico that it seems impossible to believe the track was recorded remotely, which is a testament to true masters of their craft. "Crab Walk" will be followed up with more new singles by Funkboy and sharing ongoing material from his back catalog.