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The Last Chance

The Last Chance

Produced by Josh Fairman

DJ Williams - Guitar (Electric)
Dan Africano - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Kowan Turner - Drums
Joe Tatton - Electric Organ
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Nick Gerlach - Saxophone
André Mali - Trumpet

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman
Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Josh Fairman
Scanhope Sound​

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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DJ Williams’ Shots Fired wraps up their foray into cinematic exploration with “The Last Chance.” The 4th and final track of the series depicts the role of ‘The Villain’ and pulls out all the stops to formulate a jazz-rock fusion magnum opus. “The Last Chance” can easily conjure up imagery of a car chase scene from an early 70s movie as the cascading melody line in the B-section came to Williams while sitting at a stoplight and interplays with high-octane riffing throughout the song. The cinematic series opened an array of creative windows for Shots Fired and translates perfectly onto the straight-to-tape analog recording techniques at Color Red Studios.

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