My Everything

By: Michelle Sarah
Produced By: Steve Berlin
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Michelle Sarah speaks to a love that fills the cup in “My Everything.” In the breezy, but electrifying track,Michelle speaks of budding love that is both heartfelt and resilient. She wrote the tune during one of her first trips to New Orleans and the adventures and experiences that led to the city becoming one of her favorite in the country. Enlisting world-class producer Steve Berlin to produce the track, the tune is rich in horn arrangement and features an in-the-pocket backing band of DJ Williams, Eric Luba, Tim Philpott, and Eric Imbrosciano. The track was recorded at Mighty Fine Productions tracked by John Macy and Loren Dorland then taken to Bud’s Recording Servies in Austin, TX to do an overdub session and fill the song out with horn parts courtesy of the Grammy-winning Grupo Fantasma horn section. Chris Sorem of The Nest Studio mixed and mastered the track. “I write about a lot of things, this one is about a love when it feels safe, invincible, playful and inspiring,” she says of the track, “When it feels like it’s everything you’ve been looking or waiting for.”