By: Polyrhythmics
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The first single from the forthcoming Polyrhythmics EP 'Fondue Party' to be released on December 4th, 2020. “Zion” by Polyrhythmics is a multi-layered track with energetic rises and drops to imitate the majestic canyons and rock structures that are the song's namesake. The song was inspired by the band’s opportunity to perform near Zion National Park. Featuring a sauntering bass line by Jason Gray, swirling synthesizer leads of Nathan Spicer, and echoing horn response lines, the track thrives on open space and layers. Just as the EP itself is a launchpad into slower grooves, the single itself is a catalyst for laid back, cooled out vibes as seasons change and we enter the autumn months. As the lead single off the band’s forthcoming EP, it sets the table for the ‘Fondue Party’ to come.