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Color Red Producer: Justin Prizant, Zak Najor

Producer - Justin Prizant


Greyboy - Scratching
Justin Prizant - Samples & Effects
Zak Najor - Drums & Vibraphone
Chris Stillwell - Upright & Electric Bass
Robert Walter - Keyboards
Andy Geib - Trombone
Karl Denson - Flute
Kianna Cameron - Guitar
Steve Haney - Congas & Percussion

Tracking Engineer - Jordan Andreen

Mixing Engineer - Justin Prizant

Mastering Engineer - Kevin Blackler

Photo & Art Credits:
Justin Prizant photo - Buffy Prizant
Zak Najor photo - Mike Blabac
Tripwire cover art by Hesh One

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Zbonics spans across decades of influences ranging from 70s action soundtracks to 90s acid jazz in “Tripwire.” Led by former Greyboy All-Stars drummer, Zak Najor, the track features GBA cohorts Greyboy, Karl Denson, Robert Walter, and Chris Stillwell alongside Andy Gelb (trombone), Kianna Cameron (guitar), and Steve Haney (percussion). “Tripwire” was composed by Denson and George Sanders and traces back to a 2002 demo evoking imagery of high-stakes thieves sitting in their car getting ready to rob a museum’s precious prize. Laced with Najor’s vibraphone and Denson’s flute, the track is cloaked in acid jazz soundscapes. Greyboy added his signature scratching as icing on the cake and played a key role rallying the musicians in the studio and crafting the Zbonics sound. Zbonics producer, Justin Prizant, met Color Red founder Eddie Roberts on Jam Cruise 17 and the two connected and kept in touch to release the record on Color Red. There will be three more singles to follow with a full record drop in October 2020.

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