Slipping Away

By: Shawn Eckels
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Shawn Eckels recorded “Slipping Away” amidst the pandemic when touring was immediately halted. He collaborated with Kory Montgomery, Scott Rednor (Brothers Keeper), Michael Jude (Brothers Keeper), Kramer Kelling, and Joey Porter (The Motet) to paint a picture of wistful feelings of uncertainty where musicians from all walks of life had to reframe what was familiar in terms of lifestyle and livelihood. Produced in tandem with Taylor Hines and Scott Rednor at Shakedown Bar Vail, Eckels reflects on being able to revel in the shift back to normal juxtaposed with the darker period of time. Eckels fondly recalls having Michael Jude of Brothers Keeper do the high background vocal parts in what was a MAPS family affair in both personnel and camaraderie. “Slipping Away” is Eckels' debut release on Go MAPS Music, the record label arm of the Vail, Colorado-based nonprofit organization MAPS (Mr. Anonymous Philanthropic Society) that supports artists who promote unity and peace in communities through music.