Cold Baby

By: The Voice of Lajorun
Produced By: Session Resurrection
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“Cold Baby” by The Voice of Lajorun is an ode to the mystique of maidens who find comfort in dancing in the rain. Rather than being influenced by outside sounds and physical presence, they are guided by their bodies and minds interpreting the sacred rhythms that Mother Nature chose for them to express. Co-written by bandleader/vocalist Ta’ye Adefemi and lyricist Kester Elkanemi, the Lagos-based “Anago-beat’ collective cites spiritual communication and guidance by ancestors and primary influence in their music steeped in influence of greats like Fela Kuti and Orlando Julius. Kester recalls Kaleta (ZoZo Afrobeat/Super Yamba Band) using the term “cold baby” during a musical interaction that gave the duo spiritual understanding of the term and they digested the phrase to depict a strange, unique Afrocentric maiden who enjoys dancing in the rain accompanied with the Afrocentric rhythmic ambiance. The track is the group’s fourth Color Red single produced by Justin Prizant of Session Resurrection.