"Everywhere You Go" | Rare Sounds of The Funk & Soul Revival

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'Everywhere You Go'

  • The Poets of Rhythm - Practice What You Preach (1993)
  • The Three Deuces -  Keep On It (Live at the Yardbird Suite) (1996)
  • Breakestra - Live Mix Part 1 + Everywhere You Go (2002)
“No matter where you go, you find that Funk & Soul” - the words of Mixmaster Wolf of Breakestra. The new sound of Funk & Soul was spreading like wildfire across the globe! I remember being in a club in Leeds one night and hearing Breakestra name check all the bands around the world at that time. A lot of us where influenced by the Poets of Rhythms’ first album ‘Practice What You Preach’ and we went on to write our own sermons. The Three Deuces was the precursor to The New Mastersounds and ‘Keep On It’ captures a moment In time, in 1996 at the legendary UK Yardbird Suite. Enjoy and keep it funky. - Eddie Roberts