Love Me While You Can

By: The Handcuffs
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“Love Me While You Can” is the highly anticipated lead single from The Handcuffs’ forthcoming fourth studio record. Taking inspiration from vintage album-oriented rock albums from the likes of Mott The Hoople, T-Rex, and the Rolling Stones and reading biographies of their musical heroes, the band observed the simplicity, ease, and freedom of the early days of rock ’n roll. As a result, “Love Me While You Can” is an uncomplicated and pure ode to love the influential artists and anyone dear to you for as long as you can so you won’t end up with any regrets. The track has also become inadvertently anthemic for the times of loss and destruction caused by the pandemic and using the song as a vehicle of hope. Led by critically acclaimed drummer Brad Elvis (Romantics, Elvis Brothers, Big Hello, Screams) and multi-instrumentalist Chloe F. Orwell, the Chicago-based project has been praised by the likes of Trouser Press, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Leicester Bangs (UK), and Magnet Magazine and has become a stand-out act in their explorations in sonic territory while believing in the power of a great radio hook. The Handcuffs' powerhouse lineup also includes bassist Emily Togni, guitarist Jeffrey Kmieciak, and keyboardist Alison Hinderliter.