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Produced by Keith Price, Ed Durocher

Ed Durocher - Guitar (Electric)
Aaron Bartel - Saxophone
Philip Collins - Trumpet
Ethan McKibben - Drums
Dave Guenette - Bass
Anatol Rennie - Synthesizer, Keyboards

Tracking Engineer - Keith Price
Paintbox Recording

Mixing Engineer - Keith Price
Paintbox Recording

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Apollo Suns explore the softer side of 70s-inspired fusion in “Rosie.” The band instilled a challenge amongst themselves to play less aggressively and looked to classic fusion repertoire like Billy Cobham’s “Heather” to set the stage and channel the musical spirits. At 86 beats per minute, the tune takes on a teetering sense of fragility escalated by saxophonist Aaron Bartel’s horn arrangements and guitarist Ed Durocher’s celestial chord progression and harmonic structure. The end result is a composition that is melancholy with a hint of hopefulness that primes listeners for what’s to come on the band’s debut Color Red LP ‘A Relationship of Force.’

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