By: Cavolo Nero
Produced By: Cavolo Nero
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Amsterdam’s Cavolo Nero’s debut single “Seaweed” is a psychedelic afrobeat song that’s lighthearted and intended to make listeners happy. Taking a Tinariwen-inspired groove, the band added jovial lyrics that reminisce about eating seaweed burgers and drinking Long Island Iced Teas on a sunny summer day. Bandleader Chris Walthaus enlisted his flatmate, Kieran Everts, to write a spoken word part in French in the psychedelic bridge section and his words speak to being in the moment and the peace that’s found in letting yourself go in the rhythm of the music. The band will release their debut EP on Color Red in early 2022 that’s as musically nutrient dense as the leafy green Tuscan cuisine staple the band’s name is derived from.