The Slip / Forever in Love

By: The Burroughs
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“The Slip” by The Burroughs is a deep funk groove inspired by The Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown. The band’s four-piece horn section is showcased throughout the tune in tight hits and punchy lines. The lyrics tell a tongue-in-cheek story of dodging the pressures of modern life, where everyone sometimes wishes they could “slip” out of their obligations. Johnny “RedBird” Burroughs embraces his frontman energy as a natural storyteller as his narrative is enhanced by the group’s full-bodied horn section. “Forever In Love” is a breezy summertime jam that celebrates falling in love in beautiful Colorado. The warm guitar chords and upbeat background vocals echo the ‘60’s sounds of Barbara Acklin’s “Am I The Same Girl,” while the harmony and horn lines pull influence from the hits of Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five. The track is slated to be a staple in the Color Red catalog as “Am I The Same Girl” is one of founder/producer Eddie Roberts’ all-time favorite tunes. Toss it on any playlist that aims to harness carefree, summertime magic and enjoy the ride.