This Love

By: Michelle Sarah
Produced By: Steve Berlin
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“This Love” by Michelle Sarah is an R&B ballad that evokes feelings of a love so strong it’s unstoppable. The love story tells a tale of wanting your lover to be with you and recognizing that navigating life and creating memories binds, heals, and creates a feeling of “we can’t lose with this love.” The song itself is a labor of love and fine-tuning as Michelle worked with her band to re-harmonize the chords prior to the verses to give it the fresh delivery that they wanted when they took it into the studio. She worked with producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to achieve a drippy, intimate, and simple production style and saw the fruits of everybody’s labor pay off when the song was played back with the new nuances and the profound experience washed over her. The track is off of the full-length album ‘ Truth’ coming out on Color Red in summer 2022.