Collection: The Drawbars

In 2018, bassist David Nesselhauf fulfilled his dream of playing in a highly flexible and funky trio by calling players that impressed him the most gigging around in Hamburg/Germany. Already during the first session, a good amount of original tunes were layouted, soon to be followed by first gigs and releases.

Getting together, setting up the instruments, letting the energy flow, recording a bunch of original tunes, hanging out with friends, having a very good time together - that's how The Drawbars' album One Finger Only was born. Further defining “Off Jazz” for the audience and the trio, the album encompasses stylistic unity and diversity at the same time, fusing elements of Soul-jazz, Funk, and Psychedelic Music with the attitude of a rocking, jazz-loving Jam-Band. Recorded at Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, Germany this record features heavy hitters Chris Haertel on Hammon B3 Organ, wurlitzer electic piano, and synthesize; David Nesselhauf on electric bass, and Julian Gutjahr on drums.

Eddie Roberts himself says this album "is a jazz cat's grooove!"