Buru Style

What do you get when you mix a poppin’ boogaloo beat, a chilled-out dub bassline delivered via the airy whump of a sousaphone, and some Jamaican nyabingi-jazz vis-à-vis a few layers of synth and horns? Buru Style!

For the past several years the New England and New York based group has worked as an instrumental unit and has also backed great soul and reggae vocalists such as Toussaint Liberator, Ajahni, Shasha Marley and Lady Lee. They’ve performed at major jazz and reggae festivals, in theaters, clubs, and public schools, even gone mobile and marched for community events in Middletown, CT where their founder Bill Carbone teaches music at Wesleyan University. These days, they mix it up, performing both experimental dub instrumental shows and powerhouse progressive dancehall sets with Ajahni. Both styles can be heard in happy cohabitation on their latest album Eponymous.