Cecils Moses & the SGs

Rising from the formidable Seattle funk/soul scene, Cecil Moses & the SGs bring their own NW twist to original music inspired by the classic sounds of Funk, R&B, Rock, and Soul. Operating as an eight legged, tight, funky beast, Olli Klomp on drums, Marc Hager on keys, Colin Higgins on guitar, and Bob Heinemann and bass make up the SGs.

A diverse crop of influences can be heard in the sound of Cecil Moses & the SGs, from Funk legends such as the Meters, to funky jazzers like Grant Green and Herbie Hancock, to the classic rock fire of Jeff Beck and Jerry Garcia.

The band played its first show in late 2015 and started getting some reputable gigs right off the bat including an opening spot for Mike D band and a planned date opening for Bernie Worrell and sax wizard Skerik. Unfortunately the funk legend Worrell passed away before the show could happen. The SGs recorded their first album at Bell Creek Studio in April 2016 and released their self-titled record in November 2016.

The SGs can also be heard on Lucky Brown's ""Mesquite Suite"" and various 45"" releases from that same Lucky Brown session.

Cecil Moses & the SGs plan to continue building their radius for live music shows including towns such as Olympia, Tacoma, Port Townsend, Bellingham WA, as well as Portland OR, and Northern California! The SGs are on a mission to keep alive the craft of live, soulfully connected musical expression.