Posted By: Photon
Thu, Jun 24, 2021


By: Photon

Posted By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
Thu, May 20, 2021

The Rarebit

By: Quantic , Eddie Roberts

“The Rarebit” is by Quantic & Eddie Roberts is a Latin psychedelic funk odyssey paying homage to deep seated crate digging findings rooting back to Sivuca, Dom Um Ronao, and Gabor Sszabo. Holland and Roberts fleshed out the groundwork laid down by the initial quartet and added live, “in-the-moment” guitar parts and accordion, making it a true musical conversation refined by masters of their craft. The conversation is escalated by Roberts’ vintage production aptitude accompanied by Holland’s knack for coming up with interesting and catchy melodies. The title is derived from the famous dish “Welsh Rarebit,” in which Roberts and Holland share a mutual Welsh heritage alongside an affinity for orange wine. During the initial recording process, there was a herd of rabbits running around the parking lot every evening, like clockwork, which is another nod in naming the track.

Posted By: Photon
Tue, May 18, 2021

Mouse Hunt

By: Photon

This song is a tale of a mouse who is comfortable in his house, but is then pursued by a predator. The different sections of the song reflect the state of mind of the rodent depending on what its going through. Going into the studio with this band is something we are always excited about because we are typically a long form improvisation experience. This studio session gave us a chance to define for ourselves what the true essence of the composition was, and be able to shape it for a recording that is concise and accurate. 

Posted By: Sounds of Dan Africano
Thu, May 06, 2021

The Warbler

By: Radon

This was a track that came together from seeds planted in isolation; Ableton sessions birthed during the first few months of a worldwide pandemic handed over to friends and plugged into a Leslie Speaker. Some glockenspiel and tambourines were added for good measure and a song was born.

Posted By: Marcus Rezak
Thu, Apr 01, 2021

Light Of The Moon

By: Marcus Rezak

Light of the Moon, is a true story about people of the night, sharing in the love of music, celebrating cathartically in the light of the moon with dance, joy, and memories at the core. The feeling of being carefree, letting go of all worries, and sending all of your vulnerabilities into space is the heart of this song. The story is inspired by the times we find ourselves in the LOTM, who we are with, where we are, and what we remember from those special moments. No matter where we find ourselves, we are always in the LOTM. It is special to note that this song as well as the others feature a live feel improv section captured on a studio recording. The true feeling of the 3 members of TAB and me will hopefully be recognized as a sound. The way in which Tony lays down the “strut” of the baseline is absolutely one of a kind. This song is unique in that it is the single release that truly expresses the foundation of the records healing theme, and is connective to GTTG’s in the interest of outer space. In addition, it features Kaylan Pathak on Tabla during the solo section adding a world music flavor not just on this track but on all with his use of percussion chimes, conga, shekere, and other exotic percussion instruments.

Posted By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Treat You Right

By: Jeff White

I was surfing in Costa Rica and came up with the idea to recreate one of my all time favorite reggae classics in a Motown style . Once we hit the studio it just seemed natural to do it in it’s original reggae form as well . Putting our own little spin on a classic 

Posted By: Brothers of Brass
Thu, Mar 25, 2021


By: Brothers of Brass

We’ve been working on this new style over the pandemic so it made sense to come out with a song about the past year since people haven’t heard from us in a while. One thing that has particularly stuck with me because of the pandemic, Is the unfamiliar feeling of not being able to shake someone’s hand when you first meet them, which inspired the hook. 

I wrote the hook at my house when I was bored and sent it to Sean and asked him what he thought about it and it sparked a beautiful collaboration between me and Sean. It brought out how versatile my bandmates really are. Usually everyone in the band just has to play a brass instrument most of the time. But this project brought out how multitalented everyone really is and has started some thing that I think is really cool. 


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