Posted By: Color Red , Brothers Keeper
Thu, May 12, 2022

Gypsy King (Go MAPS Music Remaster)

By: Brothers Keeper

Musical Style: Rock, Blues rock, Americana, Soul, Classic Rock

Musical Influences: Santana, The Eagles

Posted By: Color Red , Euforquestra
Thu, May 12, 2022

Arizona to Georgia

By: Euforquestra

Musical Style: Modern Funk

Musical Influences: The Meters, Motown, Stax Records, Lettuce

Musical Inspiration: 

Lyrical Inspiration: This song reflects on the age of misinformation and our struggle to understand and really listen to each other.

Posted By: Color Red , Steve Terry Project
Thu, May 12, 2022

Oscar The Cat

By: Steve Terry Project

Musical Style: Afrojazz, Dance Jazz, Jazz fusion

Musical Influences: Hebrew Folk Songs, Snarky Puppy, Athens Tango Project

Musical Inspiration: This song was directly inspired by a performance I attended of latin dance group the Athens Tango Project and was my take on a jazzy dance tune. Somehow I ended up channeling some Hava Nagila vibes and what we are left with is a relentless, solo-filled banger of a track.

Lyrical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement: Oscar the Cat is first and foremost a fun, light-hearted dance tune. With influences ranging from Latin dance music to Hebrew folk music, this track never has a dull moment as it tears through it's nearly five-minute-long structure.

Track Description: Oscar the Cat is first and foremost a fun, light-hearted dance tune. With influences ranging from Latin dance music to Hebrew folk music, this track never has a dull moment as it tears through its nearly five-minute-long structure.

Posted By: Color Red , Eric Martinez
Thu, May 05, 2022

Can't Stand Up

By: Eric Martinez

Musical Style: Rock and roll, Psychedelic rock

Musical Influences: Ray Wyllie Hubbard, The Rolling Stones, Vic Chesnutt

Musical Inspiration: I lot of times I would come up with something and say that sounds like a Daniel Hutchens song and I would send it to Danny and work on it together.

Lyrical Inspiration: Daniel Hutchens wrote the lyrics to this song about a stroke he suffered in Dec. 2016. It turned out to be the last song he and I wrote together (March 2018).

Artist Statement: As I was approaching the end of the recording process for this Caldera there was no doubt that this song would close out the record. it sounds like the end of a movie that had a good ending.

Posted By: Color Red , Michelle Sarah
Thu, May 05, 2022

This Love

By: Michelle Sarah

Musical Style: Funk, Soul, Jazz Funk, Soul/R&B/Funk

Musical Inspiration: This is the ballad of the album. We re-harmed the chords in the verses prior to taking it into the studio to record, what we created was fresh and perfect for delivering the feel we wanted.

Lyrical Inspiration: This song is a love story. The tale of wanting your lover to be with you, missing them, recognizing how navigating life together, creating experiences and memories, hold us close, bind us, heal us, create the feeling that "we can't lose with this love". 

Artist Statement: We wrote the new chords for the verses while we were in session ready to record for the album, hearing the song being played behind me differently than i had ever heard before was a profound experience. It wasn't til I heard the playback that I realized what greatness we had achieved by making those changes. This song is perfection. I love the production on it, it's almost drippy wet, intimate, simple. 

Posted By: Covers | Standards , Dance Party Time Machine
Thu, Apr 07, 2022

Lovely Day

By: Dance Party Time Machine

Musical Style: Rhythm and blues, R&B/Soul, Pop soul, Funk Soul

Musical Influences: Bill Withers

Track Description: For almost a decade Denver-based production company J2G Live has been bringing together in-demand musicians in today’s circuit to celebrate the greatest dance party songs of all time for their annual Dance Party Time machine concerts. When the COVID-19 pandemic stalled live performances, J2G Live pivoted to remote collaborative performances to continue to bring people joy through community and music. Several tracks were performed during online events such as LivWell’s ‘420 for a Cause’ live stream festival in 2020. The audio of these performances has been professionally mixed, mastered, and distributed by Color Red for a series of digital singles to be released worldwide and enjoyed from anywhere. Their take of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” features Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds), Josh Fairman (SunSquabi, Analog Son), Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), Blake Mobley (Tiger Party), Drew Sayers (The Motet), and Eric Low (Fox Street).

Posted By: Funk | Soul | Jazz
Thu, Apr 07, 2022


By: Brothers of Brass

Musical Style: New Orleans Brass Band, Marching Band

Musical Influences: Rebirth Brass Band, Hot 8 Brass Band, Big 6 Brass Band

Track Description: Denver’s mavericks of street music, Brothers of Brass, capture the energy of people leaving a concert in their original song “Egress.” With a titanic New Orleans brass band-inspired sound, “Egress” has all the key components of a full-bodied brass band hit with fiery trumpet screams, rousing saxophone solos, an commanding rhythm section of tuba and drums, and a surprise call-and-response vocal section at the end to take the song home. The group got their start busking on the 16th Street Mall and melds together roots from Atlanta, New Orleans, and the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado and has become a staple in both the local music scene and the touring circuit.

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Apr 07, 2022

Good Times

By: A.J. Fullerton

Musical Style: Roots Rock, Roots Soul, Blues, Blues rock, Soul blues

Musical Influences: Ry Cooder, Blake Mills, North Mississippi All Stars, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Black Keys

Track Description: AJ Fullerton tackles 60s-inspired blues and gospel finger-style guitar inspired by Pop Staples and Taj Mahal in “Good Times.” The track speaks to the universal message of looking towards the future with optimism despite any troubles or chaos that may be looming in one’s life. “Good Times” is the third track of a 4-track series produced by Eddie Roberts at Color Red Studios with a follow-up session in the works to round out a full-length LP.

Posted By: Sounds of Reed Mathis
Thu, Mar 31, 2022

New Moon

By: Electric Beethoven , Death by Dub

Musical Style: DUB, Reggae, Jazz, Classical crossover

Track Description: Reed Mathis of Electric Beethoven recruited Dan Africano's "Death by Dub" project to create a DUB Reggae remix for this re-imagination of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." Dan Africano is currently the bassist for Thievery Corporation, Ghost Light, and a member of the Avant-garde jazz trio Elephant Wrecking Ball. This DUB remix exemplifies the spirit of Color Red Collaboration and is the first in a series of Remix tracks comprising the 3rd and 4th discs of the upcoming double LP "Hear No Evil" which features many more high profile remixes of previously released Electric Beethoven works.


Posted By: Funk | Soul | Jazz
Thu, Mar 31, 2022

I Will Be Here

By: Michelle Sarah

Musical Style: Funk, Soul, Jazz Funk, Soul/R&B/Funk

Musical Inspiration: Funk and fun were the influence for this track! The music is a bit of a conversation, lots of back and forth kind of call and response thing happening. Super fun and dancy. 

Lyrical Inspiration: I wanted a show ender, I wanted it to be something people could sing along with, get stuck in their heads. The lyrics are about no place being too far away for love, and no star being too high to reach, basically go get what you want in life, no place is too far away and also, no matter what, I will be here.

Track Description: Michelle Sarah’s “I Will Be Here” is the perfect song to close out an invigorating set as it pulls out all the stops with vocal stacks, memorable sing-a-long melodies, and rousing horn parts courtesy of the Groupo Fantasma horn section. The lyrics give the audience an empowering message to take home with them as they speak to going out there and seizing what you want and knowing that you have the support to go do so. Michelle enlisted Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to produce her upcoming debut solo record with sessions taking place at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO and Bud’s Recording Services in Austin, TX.


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