Jyemo Club

Jyemo Club (pronounced: ji-mo club)is defined as a musical fusion of Latin rhythms, reggae sensibility and global rock power. Born in Colorado, now based in Los Angeles, California, Jyemo Club is an ongoing experiment of combining diverse musical influences that share a common thread - One Love and relentless rhythms. The objective? To combine them into a style of music that glides along so seamlessly, the listener is eagerly transported out of the "same ol thing" zone and into the new and shiny "Clubero" zone. 

Reggae mixed with cumbia...hiphop blended with bachata...funk fused with dancehall...a dubbed out melodica playing alongside Salsa percussion?!? These elements set the musical base for the songs; crowd-hyping anthems, sensual dance tracks, explorations of consciousness, collabs with qualified colleagues...meanwhile, the beat transcends all. Lyrics are delivered in English and Spanish, singing and rapping, choruses that sound like chants you hear in a soccer stadium. All lab and live tested results lead to an original, cohesive sound played with reverence and authenticity.

Spearheaded by Jonny Jyemo, the Club features members who represent the heritage and cultures of Cuba, Mexico, Zimbabwe, The Philippines and the United States. They are perfect ambassadors to feature the music's array of influences to a world that craves unity, togetherness, and straight full-on boogie.

The Jyemo Club concert experience keeps it 100% live with a powerful 9 piece band heavy on skill and stage presence.  Their epic songs are faithfully presented in an arena-rocking package broadcasting an inviting sensation of solidarity.

Dance party meets conscious party, beaming simple and complex at the same time. New yet familiar, carrying the torch in the quest to achieve unity through music. Really, we just need to get down together, more often.