Color Red Music

Color Red Music

Posted By: Michelle Sarah
Thu, Jan 14, 2021

No Crime

By: Michelle Sarah

I was entirely taken by this song when it came up. My experience creating it for this album was so fun, adding the backing vocals, the horn arrangements, the way the song was so beautifully augmented in the process is exciting! This song is a declaration, an empowerment, and I think the full message is loud and clear. I am thrilled at how our final product turned out and elated to share with our listeners - I think it is a timely reminder in the now.

Posted By: Sounds of Lee Popa
Thu, Jan 07, 2021

Love Me While You Can

By: The Handcuffs

We'd been listening to a lot of vintage album-oriented rock, like Mott the Hoople, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Patti Smith, and reading biographies of some of our musical heroes where they talk about the heady days of early rock & roll. It seems like a lot of those songs were based on a simplicity and freedom and ease, so this song grew out of a desire to have an open-chord, guitar-based song that sounds like effortless rock & roll perfection. The kind of thing that you mindlessly start strumming on the couch, as you're winding down, at 1 a.m. And, it's so uncomplicated and pure that the melody suddenly flows out of you as if you'd already been singing it all night long.

Posted By: CRED
Tue, Jan 12, 2021


By: Adryon de León

The producers of this track - Max MacVeety and David Tam - invited me into the studio after months of quarantine. We got to chatting about civil and racial unrest and David sat down to the Rhodes and started looping a Stevie Wonder-type phrase. Max sat down to the drums to lay down a march of sorts... a call to arms... and that was that. 

"The process of recording ""Ally"" was a cathartic and humbling one. It was time for me to stop being precious with the subject matter and contribute in the only way I knew how at the moment. I hope the tune serves as a reminder that the fight for justice is not over, in fact, this iteration has just begun. Everyone can be an ally to the disenfranchised, vulnerable, and overlooked. 

Black Lives Matter. "

Posted By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
Thu, Dec 31, 2020

Fast Man (Rare Sounds Remaster)

By: The New Mastersounds

This is a cover of a super rare funk track. 'Fast Man' was recorded as part of the first NMS album 'Keb Darge presents..'. However, it didn't make it to the album that was originally released 20 years ago (2001). This was actually because shortly after recording it, we became embarrassed by the break with us shouting out 'M.A.S.T.E.R. We're The Mastersounds', as we thought people would say 'who the hell are they anyway?'. 21 years later, it seems pretty funny that that's what stoped it making the cut, so for the re-master and re-press of our first album we decided to include it, and also release it digitally as a single for the first time ever!

The band recently re-pressed their debut album Keb Darge Presents: The New Mastersounds available exclusively via the Rare Sounds vinyl subscription club and included the tune as a bonus track that was not available on the first pressing.

Posted By: Star Kitchen
Thu, Dec 24, 2020


By: Star Kitchen

I think we really captured a moment there. The vibe in the basement at color red & being snowed in. Things being a little messed up with Marc’s eye being injured and the general f’d up nature of 2020. COVID-19 was already popping up in the news at that point. Once we started jamming it became pretty apparent that, with our backgrounds and interests in hip-hop, reggae, jam rock and electronic music, we would have a pretty easy time creating in that space! 

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Dec 17, 2020


By: Backbeat Underground

"In the spirit of other Color Red releases, we recorded everything but for a few overdubs live in studio. I wrote out this arrangement a week or two before the session and sent it to Sir Joe Quarterman, a legend in his own right and part of DC's often overlooked musical firmament. I think he had no idea what to make of it! But on the day in the studio, with no rehearsal, he found the groove and we all had to just smile when the first words popped out. 

This was a true DC musical moment - a collaboration between a hall of famer and the city's extant musical all-stars.
We were all overjoyed to be part of this musical conversation with a tradition that's usually overshadowed by this city's less interesting reputation. "

Posted By: CRED
Fri, Nov 27, 2020

My Everything

By: Michelle Sarah

Posted By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Sleep Depraved

By: WRD Trio

"This was part of a one day session where we recorded the bulk of songs for the WRD album. I had come up with a bunch of little demos. We didn’t have too much time to question anything. We just talked down quick arrangements and rolled tape. I like the immediacy of recording that way. It really captures the interactions of the players and raw and natural sound of the instruments in the room together. Eddie had mentioned that he likes my solo on this which is kind praise from such a great improviser. I’m a longtime fan of Adam as well. It’s a pleasure when ever I get to play with these guys." - Robert Walter

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Dec 10, 2020

Sun Tone EP

By: Sun Tone


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