Color Red Music

Color Red Music

Posted By: Funk | Soul | Jazz
Thu, Jan 13, 2022


By: Kevin Sandbloom

“tPOUR” by Kevin Sandbloom is a driving, dark banger that encapsulates the mood of his debut Color Red EP ‘SO u r.’ In an effort to rearrange his writing style a little, the lyrics started out as some poetry in his head with the repetition serving as a nervous mantra depicting the strangeness of some start-stop relationships he had been having over the past three years. The bass groove is a nod to 80s funk lines Sandbloom grew up hearing in his neighborhood cultivated by greats like Zapp & Roger and The Gap Band. Producer Mike Morgan gave the track more depth with spooky string-like parts being played by an electric guitar through a processor, resampling Sandbloom’s voice for ghostly vocal sounds, and adding faint piano notes in the chorus.

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Jan 06, 2022


By: Manycolors

Musical Style: Acid jazz, Lo-fi, Chill-hop, LoFi Jazz-hop

Musical Influences: J Dilla

Musical Inspiration:  BK and Kirwan we're jamming and came up with the main groove of the tune. Luba and I added melodic and harmonic elements and we recorded it in a few takes. Later we overdubbed Shane and we had a track!

Artist Statement: The track was written and recorded in about 45 minutes. It's a simple beat with only an A section, but the way the band plays it makes it feel like a thought out composition. The Trumpet timbre adds an eeriness that really adds to the nighttime vibes. 

Track Description: “Nox” by Manycolors is a modern-day lofi, chill-hop nocturne. The rhythm section comprised of Braxton Kahn (drums) and Kirwan Brown (bass) locked in the groove while jamming that was later rounded out by Brant Williams (guitar) and Eric Luba (Rhodes) coming up with melodic elements on the spot. Shane Endsley of Kneebody is featured on trumpet bringing a whole new dimension of tranquil, yet somber vibes meant to be consumed during the solace of nighttime.

Posted By: Funk | Soul | Jazz
Thu, Dec 30, 2021

Tou Tou Rendezvous

By: Mo' Gigs

Musical Style: 60's Boogaloo Soul, Acid jazz, Pop soul, Blues funk

Musical Influences: David Holmes, G.U.R.U., Kutiman, The Bamboos, Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Chris Joss, Jazzmatazz

Musical Inspiration:  It was based on the piano riff we can hear in the song numerous times. It's the main musical element. The song came upon from some blues, hiphop and '60s French popular culture feelings. The music tried to capture similar feelings to the lyrics. Everyday life, flirting, something quite ordinary.

Artist Statement: It's based on a real story, how the singer of the band got to know his wife and how they got together gradually, in many months.

Lyrical Inspiration: Love does not always happen at first sight. It can easily be an gradual thing. Maybe you've been friends with someone for a while and you've never seriously thought there can be a relationship upgrade. Then there comes a turning point and it could be something very unfancy but very intimate at the same time. Something that shows a person vulnerable when your help is needed.

Track Description: “Tou Tou Rendezvous” by Mo’ Gigs tells the tale of love budding over a gradual period of time in a 60s-inspired boogaloo with traces of R&B and acid jazz. The song was built upon the piano motif as the band collaborated and added elements of hip-hop and 60s French pop culture aesthetics to capture the story of a feeling that is unfancy, but intimate at the same time. It is based on a true story of how vocalist Csaba Gál met his wife and features call-and-response sections with fellow vocalist Sarolta Szécsi.

Posted By: Polyrhythmics
Thu, Dec 16, 2021

Pupusa Strut

By: Polyrhythmics

Musical Style: Psychedelic Funk, Instrumental Funk

Musical Influences: Lettuce

Track Description: Pupusa Strut is an upbeat and percussive blend of grooves, harmonies and catchy horn lines within Polyrhythmics signature psychedelic instrumental afro-funk sound. Polyrhythmics are an 8-piece band from Seattle, Washington, USA. They play an instrumental mix of funk, rock, jazz, afro-beat, and more. They intentionally play many different genres of music with emphasis on the percussive and keyboard work. The band is working with Color Red to remaster and release their 4th record "Libra Stripes.

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Dec 16, 2021


By: Kevin Sandbloom

Musical Style: Electroacoustic, Soul, Swamp blues, Folktronica

Musical Influences: D'Angelo, Tom Waits, BadBadNotGood, Thundercat

Lyrical Inspiration: The basic premise of the lyrics is the feeling of having accomplished goals in life, even a level of self-awareness but having no one to share it with.

Artist Statement: This is the first song I sent to Michael Morgan (producer) and he sent it back with most of the sounds you hear on the track in about 24 hours. It pushed even more into a futuristic, almost Blade Runner-esque feel. This became the impetus for the collaboration on the project. It solidified the entire direction of the record.

Track Description: Kevin Sandbloom wrote “NOBODYe” in the middle of summer 2020 amidst the pandemonium of the COVID-19 pandemic while feeling a little dystopian and lonely. In his latest album, Sandbloom took an off-kilter and strange approach and “NOBODYe” encompasses a full-blown folktronic swamp blues sound. He collaborated with producer Michael Morgan and within 24 hours of sending the tune, Morgan laced the song with futuristic sounds giving it a Blade runner-esque feel. This became the impetus of their collaboration and solidified the entire direction with fat bass effects that echos the work of Thundercat and production in the same ilk of jazz-inspired sonic outliers ensembles like BADBADNOTGOOD.

Posted By: Seattle
Thu, Dec 09, 2021

Slow It Back Down

By: Annie J

Musical Style: Pop soul, Disco

Musical Influences: Janelle Monae, Solange, Bee Gees

Track Description: Annie J’s debut solo single “Slow It Back Down” puts her stunning vocals on display over a sultry roller skating disco groove. Heralded as “one of the best singers in Seattle and beyond” by Seattle Music Insider, Annie is a household name in the Pacific Northwest music scene performing with 45th St Brass, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and the late blues legend Cedell Davis. “Slow It Back Down” is a model track to launch her first solo body of work as it both sonically and vocally imparts the message of needing to slow it back down to get into the groove. Her pop-soul style of vocals can be compared to the likes of Janelle Monae, Solange, and the Bee Gees coming from a place of joy, movement, and self-expression. Annie collaborated with other stalwarts of the Seattle scene including Andrew Vait (Sisters, Little Wins), Nick Foster (Nick Foster Band), Scott Paul Johnson (Hot Bodies In Motion), and Stephanie Anne Johnson (the Hidogs), among others on her debut EP release ‘Get Back’ that will be released on Color Red in early 2022.

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Rooming House

By: Eric Martinez

Musical Style: Rock and roll, Psychedelic rock

Musical Influences: Ray Wyllie Hubbard, The Rolling Stones, Michael Houser

Musical Inspiration: Michael Houser's slow simple chord progressions inspired this track., The slow simple guitar progressions of Michael Houser.

Artist Statement: I was playing the music for Todd Nance at Daniel Hutchen's house one night and Todd started singing this beautiful melody to the song. I grabbed my phone and started recording it. Later I sent the music and some lyrics to Danny and he added some music and wrote these great lyrics. Since the recording of this song both Danny (May 2021) and Todd (August 2020) have passed away and Danny and I figured this was the last song (May 2017) Todd ever wrote. Danny wrote until the day he died. The last of which we wrote together is the last song on this record., I was showing this music to Todd Nance one night at Daniel Hutchens’s house and he started singing this beautiful melody to it. I grabbed my phone and started recording. I later sent the music and some lyrics to Danny and he added some music and had written these wonderful lyrics about a weekend in Tennessee. Mike “Spanky” McClure is on bass, John Neff  is on pedal steel, and Micah Munro is on background vocals. Since writing this song Danny (May 2021) and Todd (August 2020) have both passed away. Danny and I figured out that this was Todd’s last song that he wrote. Danny wrote till the day he died. 

Track Description: Rooming house was written with Todd Nance and Daniel Hutchens in 2017. Todd and I were at Danny's and I started playing this music which Todd sang a melody over and Danny gave us these great lyrics. Eric Martinez plays drums, guitars, keys, and sings. Mike "Spanky" McCluer plays bass. John Neff plays pedal steel. Micah Munro sings. Both Todd (August 20) and Danny (May 21) have since died and we figured this was Todd's last song. Danny wrote till the day he died. 

Posted By: CRED
Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Great Divide

By: Royal Horses

Musical Style: 70's Rock

Musical Influences: Neil Young, Marshall Tucker Band, Led Zeppelin

Musical Inspiration:  The chords first came together as a folk song on Shelby’s laptop, and became a full on rock anthem when the band took it into the studio. 

Artist Statement: ‘Great Divide is a rock anthem straight out of 1973. Raunchy guitars, driving drums, soaring vocals, and an epic battle riff at the peak will have you ready to get out there and either make the world a better place, or start breaking stuff. 

Track Description: “Great Divide” by Royal Horses could easily be mistaken for a rock anthem straight out of 1973. Stylistically reminiscent of Neil Young and Marshall Tucker Band, vocalist Shelby Kemp broods over the strangeness of American life over the course of the past few years. The apex of the track launches into an epic battle riff and emotive guitar solo that possesses the duality to either inspire listeners to make the world a better place or start breaking stuff. “Great Divide” is the first single off of the group’s LP ‘Where the Purple Flowers Grow,’ that the band recorded at Downman Studios in New Orleans with executive producer John Michael Early.


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