Color Red Music

Color Red Music

Posted By: Color Red , Brothers Keeper
Thu, May 12, 2022

Gypsy King (Go MAPS Music Remaster)

By: Brothers Keeper

Musical Style: Rock, Blues rock, Americana, Soul, Classic Rock

Musical Influences: Santana, The Eagles

Posted By: Color Red , Euforquestra
Thu, May 12, 2022

Arizona to Georgia

By: Euforquestra

Musical Style: Modern Funk

Musical Influences: The Meters, Motown, Stax Records, Lettuce

Musical Inspiration: 

Lyrical Inspiration: This song reflects on the age of misinformation and our struggle to understand and really listen to each other.

Posted By: Color Red , M&R Rush
Tue, May 10, 2022

Good-Bye City Lights

By: M&R Rush

Musical Style: Rock, Classic Rock, Melodic Rock

Musical Influences: Survivor

Musical Inspiration: Home is Paradise. Chicago Skyline 

Lyrical Inspiration: City of Chicago 

Artist Statement:

Track Description: Good-Bye City Lights comes out of the gate rockin’ with dual guitar harmonies. The tight vocal and keyboard arrangements along with a singing guitar solo add strength to this rocker. The meaning of Good-Bye City Lights simply put is that you are leaving the rat race of climbing the corporate ladder behind and choosing to be at home with your family and friends. A simpler way of life is paradise.

Posted By: Color Red , Steve Terry Project
Thu, May 12, 2022

Oscar The Cat

By: Steve Terry Project

Musical Style: Afrojazz, Dance Jazz, Jazz fusion

Musical Influences: Hebrew Folk Songs, Snarky Puppy, Athens Tango Project

Musical Inspiration: This song was directly inspired by a performance I attended of latin dance group the Athens Tango Project and was my take on a jazzy dance tune. Somehow I ended up channeling some Hava Nagila vibes and what we are left with is a relentless, solo-filled banger of a track.

Lyrical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement: Oscar the Cat is first and foremost a fun, light-hearted dance tune. With influences ranging from Latin dance music to Hebrew folk music, this track never has a dull moment as it tears through it's nearly five-minute-long structure.

Track Description: Oscar the Cat is first and foremost a fun, light-hearted dance tune. With influences ranging from Latin dance music to Hebrew folk music, this track never has a dull moment as it tears through its nearly five-minute-long structure.

Posted By: Color Red , Eric Martinez
Thu, May 05, 2022

Can't Stand Up

By: Eric Martinez

Musical Style: Rock and roll, Psychedelic rock

Musical Influences: Ray Wyllie Hubbard, The Rolling Stones, Vic Chesnutt

Musical Inspiration: I lot of times I would come up with something and say that sounds like a Daniel Hutchens song and I would send it to Danny and work on it together.

Lyrical Inspiration: Daniel Hutchens wrote the lyrics to this song about a stroke he suffered in Dec. 2016. It turned out to be the last song he and I wrote together (March 2018).

Artist Statement: As I was approaching the end of the recording process for this Caldera there was no doubt that this song would close out the record. it sounds like the end of a movie that had a good ending.

Posted By: Color Red , Michelle Sarah
Thu, May 05, 2022

This Love

By: Michelle Sarah

Musical Style: Funk, Soul, Jazz Funk, Soul/R&B/Funk

Musical Inspiration: This is the ballad of the album. We re-harmed the chords in the verses prior to taking it into the studio to record, what we created was fresh and perfect for delivering the feel we wanted.

Lyrical Inspiration: This song is a love story. The tale of wanting your lover to be with you, missing them, recognizing how navigating life together, creating experiences and memories, hold us close, bind us, heal us, create the feeling that "we can't lose with this love". 

Artist Statement: We wrote the new chords for the verses while we were in session ready to record for the album, hearing the song being played behind me differently than i had ever heard before was a profound experience. It wasn't til I heard the playback that I realized what greatness we had achieved by making those changes. This song is perfection. I love the production on it, it's almost drippy wet, intimate, simple. 

Posted By: Color Red , Flow Tribe
Thu, Apr 28, 2022

Keep Pushing

By: Flow Tribe

Musical Style: Funk, Soul, Rock

Musical Influences: George Porter, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Revivalists, Allen Toussaint, Dumpstaphunk

Musical Inspiration: Hope during the Pandemic. Funk written in lockdown

Lyrical Inspiration: Finding hope in the darkest places. Keep pushing and never stop. Celebrate life and do not be overcome by life's challenges.

Artist Statement: "Keep Pushing" is an uplifting song inspired by the desire to flourish in the face of adversity. We enlisted the help of musical legend Ivan Nevile to bring this song to new soaring heights. The track is meant to get you grooving and back on the good foot.

Posted By: Color Red , Joe Sturges , Lucas de Mulder
Wed, Apr 27, 2022

Theme From

By: Joe Sturges , Lucas de Mulder

Musical Style: Ambient, Jazz, Nu jazz, Beat music

Musical Influences: Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes, Nate Smith, Khruangbin

Musical Inspiration: This song has an attractive groove that is delicately developed to achieve an enveloping effect for the listener.

Artist Statement: With its enveloping percussion and atmospheric guitar effects, "Theme From" takes you to an undisclosed place, dark and unknown yet welcoming. Driven by a constant groove full of nuances, it's a rollercoaster of tension and release.

Track Description: Evoking a sense of longing, “Theme From” creates a dream like atmosphere with its distant guitars, surrounding percussion, minimal groove and trance like synths. Taking you to a trance state of mind, “Theme From” will paint a clear picture of memories from long ago.

Posted By: Color Red , Les Jeux Sont Funk
Wed, Apr 27, 2022

Hum Tumhe

By: Les Jeux Sont Funk

Musical Style: Funk, Filmi, Psychedelic Jazz Fusion, Bollywood

Musical Influences: R.D. Burman, Ananda Shankar, The Heliocentrics, Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Budos Band, Karl Hector and the Malcouns

Musical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement: I (Carlo) have been fascinated with Indian films, and especially with their music, for a long time. One of the things that strikes me to this day is how Bollywood music can absorb and mix different styles and traditions from all around the world while still being a thing in itself (while still maintaining an unmistakably Indian voice).
Music directors such as R.D. Burman, Shankar-Jaikishan, Bappi Lahiri, and Kalyanji-Anandji have hooked me with their capacity to create captivating grooves that confidently draw on local folk, popular and classical traditions as well as on funk, Latin and Arabic musics – a feat that was possible also thanks to the amazing skills of a regular group of performers in the vein of the Funk Brothers or the Wrecking Crew.
"Hum Tumhe" is taken from the movie Qurbani (curiously a remake of the Italian/German The Master Touch starring Kirk Douglas). The soundtrack was composed by Gujarati duo Kalyanji-Anandji, who are quite known among world beat aficionados due to their killer music and their pioneeristic and peculiar use of synthesizers that have made their songs a cornucopia for samplers.
"Hum Tumhe" is a downbeat song with a mesmerizing line that in the original version is played on a synthesizer on acid (a clavioline perhaps?). In the verse, the synth interacts with the main vocals to create a call and response structure that we have rearranged for guitar and soprano saxophone.
R.D. Burman, Ananda Shankar, The Heliocentrics, Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Budos Band, Karl Hector and the Malcouns

Track Description: Les Jeux Sont Funk takes their fascination with Indian films and adapts the song “Hum Tumhe” from the movie Qurbani in a style of their own. Bandleader Carlo Nardi notes that Bollywood music can absorb several musical styles while still maintaining a distinct musical footprint of its own. He cites music directors like R.D. Burman and Kalyanji-Anandji as masters of their craft who create captivating grooves while drawing upon regional modalities, folk music, and classical traditions. Furthering the concept of blending styles and taking liberties with arrangements, Les Jeux Sont Funk’s rendition of “Hum Tumhe” observes the soprano saxophone and guitar taking the place of the original synthesizer and vocal call-and-response section. The Trento, Italy-based group has garnered international attention receiving an invitation to perform at Arezzo Wave Love Festival which has become an institution in the Italian music scene and has garnered stateside airplay on KCRW (Los Angeles, CA), KNKX (Seattle, WA), and more.

Posted By: Color Red , Max Kaplan & The Magics
Wed, Apr 27, 2022

99 Pounds

By: Max Kaplan & The Magics

“99 Pounds” by Ann Peebles is one of Max Kaplan & The Magic’s favorite soul tunes that was so well-received during their live performances that they decided to give it a studio treatment. Growing up in the rich epicenter for soul music in Memphis, TN, Kaplan had heard the song recorded and played for decades and wanted to put a personal soul-rock touch on the classic. The track is the third single in a series of digital single releases that will culminate into a full-length album pressed on vinyl in fall 2022.


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