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Color Red Music

Color Red Music

Posted By: Sounds of Dan Africano
Thu, May 06, 2021

The Warbler

By: Radon

This was a track that came together from seeds planted in isolation; Ableton sessions birthed during the first few months of a worldwide pandemic handed over to friends and plugged into a Leslie Speaker. Some glockenspiel and tambourines were added for good measure and a song was born.

Posted By: Eddie Roberts
Thu, May 06, 2021


By: Royal Horses

"The song came out feeling like something that might come whistling through an old AM station at your grandparents' house in the summertime" - Shelby Kemp

Posted By: True Loves
Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Yard Byrds

By: True Loves

“Yard Byrds” by True Loves holds a slow and steady groove with a majestic melody on top. The tune was co-written by trombonist Greg Kramer and bassist Bryant Moore with the intent to write a classic using just four chords, a descending bass line, and a repeating 8th note pattern a la Dr. Dre with a stately melody riding on top. The icing on the cake was a countermelody played by woodwind section of Gordon Brown on flute/tenor sax and Skerik on baritone saxophone. The fourth single off of the group’s sophomore album ‘Sunday Afternoon’ is a nice contrast from their high-energy, fast tempo bangers, and allows both the group and their listeners to have a moment and breathe. Close your eyes for this one and take it all in.

Posted By: Alex Dunn
Thu, Apr 22, 2021


By: Alex Dunn

An optimistic Americana tale of self-inquiry and reflection, paying homage to the sounds of the Pacific North West.

Posted By: Sounds of Eddie Roberts
Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Treat You Right

By: Jeff White

I was surfing in Costa Rica and came up with the idea to recreate one of my all time favorite reggae classics in a Motown style . Once we hit the studio it just seemed natural to do it in it’s original reggae form as well . Putting our own little spin on a classic 

Posted By: The Handcuffs
Thu, Apr 08, 2021

She Ain't No Fluffer

By: The Handcuffs

Primary songwriter, drummer Brad, started the process by writing a simple and catchy guitar and keyboard riff, that automatically beckoned a groove to play along. It’s also a tip of the hat to songs, by our musical influences from the past, that just stop and change course right in the middle of the song; taking the listener to another musical plane, but still keeps driving along. One of our musical heroes turned dear friend (long story), Morgan Fisher, added some cool-as-shit (for lack of a better description) synthesizer parts that managed to blow our minds, but didn’t take a single thing away from any of the other instrumentation. Genius! Everything we wanted we accomplished…and more.

When you meet your heroes, who happen to be famous, you never know what turn it’s going to take. In this case, our genuine friendship with Morgan started almost immediately upon making his acquaintance. It turns out we’ve got a lot in common and our brains contain the same kind of gears and pulleys. It’s almost like we’re family. A lot of people think of Morgan mainly as playing that glorious glammy “dancehall” piano that’s all over Mott the Hoople – and we are lucky enough to have him demonstrate his piano talent on another one of our songs on this upcoming album. But, Morgan is also a synth virtuoso, for which “Fluffer” turned out to be a great vehicle. In addition to his membership in Mott the Hoople, he’s an amazing solo artist, has had other bands and projects, past and present, and played keys on tour with Queen. And, apologies for ruining his rock & roll street cred, but despite his talent and resume, he’s as lovely and humble as can be. 

Posted By: Pocket Protection
Thu, Apr 08, 2021

Paul P. Sure

By: Pocket Protection

Single Paul P. Sure defines the intention and essence of Pocket Protection. There were no blueprints or discussions to establish a game plan, or any strict guidelines as to what everyone should do or play. Instead we relied on intuition and each other to continue to move the music forward. It felt right when we first performed together, made sense in the studio, and will continue to as a collective idea." - George Gekas

Posted By: Brothers of Brass
Thu, Mar 25, 2021


By: Brothers of Brass

We’ve been working on this new style over the pandemic so it made sense to come out with a song about the past year since people haven’t heard from us in a while. One thing that has particularly stuck with me because of the pandemic, Is the unfamiliar feeling of not being able to shake someone’s hand when you first meet them, which inspired the hook. 

I wrote the hook at my house when I was bored and sent it to Sean and asked him what he thought about it and it sparked a beautiful collaboration between me and Sean. It brought out how versatile my bandmates really are. Usually everyone in the band just has to play a brass instrument most of the time. But this project brought out how multitalented everyone really is and has started some thing that I think is really cool. 


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