Olli Klomp

West Seattle-based musician and poet, Oliver Klomp is a student and practitioner of the world's arcane and mundane consciousness arts. His artistry is a study in constants within contrasts, or, as he might put it: "Complex Simplicity."

In the creation of living sound, he can evoke delicate spiderwebs of resonance with voice and ukulele strumming, and, by contrast, he can summon the ferocious cacophany of a charging pack of mastodons while seated behind the drumkit. Perhaps this is why he has such an affinity for his vast collection of circles and spherical objects, sometimes ordered in mindful assemblage, sometimes playfully kinetic, dangling from found metal springs and magnets.

At any point along this tonal spectrum, Olli maintains his calm visage throughout, focusing on the breath, putting in the time, and moving his spirit like water through and around his various creative endeavors.