Professor Angel Dust

Born in CDMX ( Mëxico City) where he started his musical education at age 5 at the Conservatorio Nacional, studing musical theory and piano. He grew up surrounded by musicians, poets and singers in the family, and started to play the organ at weddings at age 12. Studied guitar for a few years and got interested in tropical music, Mambo, Cumbia, Cha cha cha and Salsa. Moves to Barcelona in 1990, where he starts to dj. At the VOTS parties in various clubs and creates the project ON, that would evolve to be signed by Warner Sweden putting out an album (From Now On ) executive produced by Malcolm McClaren, an important mentor and teacher in his career. After the Olympic games he creates his alter ego, Professor Angel Dust, and quickly becomes one of the top DJs in Spain during the explosion of the electronic music scene, slowly becoming a national legend.

In 2000 starts to run Bongo Lounge, a club at La Paloma in Barcelona, which will grow and grow for the following seven years, becoming famous for the full on parties with international DJs with him and his brother as the house DJs and promoters, with a median of 1000 people per night and awarded with Best Club Night in the World by Lonely Planet in 2006.

Based back in Barcelona from 2013, continues producing, recording, DJing, and playing live.

And 2018 he embarks in a new adventure leading the band Warm Gun, where he sings, composes, and produces.