By: Atomga
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ATOMGA frames the question “what would happen if we were all dropped off on another planet?” in their Latin-tinged afrobeat track “Zenpocalypse.” The tune comes out swinging with a calypso-style guitar line accented by horn stabs that pave the way for a syncopated D’Angelo-inspired B section. The band shows off their powerhouse three-piece percussion section during a boisterous call-and-response percussion breakdown. Lyrically, vocalist Calysōl reflects on the way we treat immigrants who migrate to the United States and encourages listeners to ponder the possibility of everyone being uprooted to another planet—wouldn’t we all be foreigners wanting fair treatment with our family, friends and loved ones by our sides? “Zenpocalapse” will inspire you to get back to the basic energy that unities us all into a collective consciousness, especially during tumultuous and uncertain times.