Collection: FUTURENOT

FUTURENOT is vintage inspired music realized through a modern lens. It is about being in the present, creating music for the here and now while incorporating the experiences and influences of our past to move towards the future. The band blends elements of hip hop, jazz, soul and pop with vocals, backbeat and a generous dose of strong melodies that will require you to roll your windows down and turn the volume up.

"Greatest Hits" is the culmination of work that Jason Cressey and Peter Daniel began in 2013. The two met performing together in the horn section for local Seattle legends Funky2Death and quickly started collaborating on original music. Over the years as their respective careers have blossomed, they've continued to find themselves performing together, making time to stay friends and write music. The title of the album is more than just a tongue-in-cheek joke about a first release; it is a reference to how we drew from that material to create this collection.

Jason and Peter have been fortunate to perform together, and separately, with Macklemore, Odesza, Father John Misty, Monophonics, Durand Jones & the Indications, True Loves, Skerik, Stanton Moore, Nikki Glaspie, Ghost Note, Soul Rebels, Paper Boys, Liv Warfield, Polyrhythmics, Khu.eex and Lucky Brown.

FUTURENOT debuted to the world on March 10th 2020 opening for Neal Francis at Barboza in Seattle hours before COVID quarantine orders were issued. We then spent the better part of 2020 creating this album in anticipation of a future beyond the pandemic, when we can bring these soundwaves to an orbit near you.