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Be The Change

Be The Change

Color Red Producer: Jason Cressey, Peter Daniel

Produced by Jason Cressey, Peter Daniel, Tim Kennedy

Jason Cressey - Trombone
Peter Daniel - Saxophone
Tim Kennedy - Acoustic Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Samples & Effects
Mark Hunter - Bass
David McGraw - Drums
Cole Schuster - Guitar

Tracking Engineer - Jason Gray
Blue Mallard Recording

Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray, Tim Kennedy
Blue Mallard Recording

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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This is the first song Jason and Peter wrote together. The song is based around a simple melody in the horns but truly features the rhythm section, not just in the intro and solos but in how they create this amazing vibe and context for the melody. It's the feel-good, feeling fine listening track, and you can hear the strong influence of Nat & Cannonball Adderley at play. The song follows the horn section throughout the tune as they play off each other's vibrations, both melodically and rhythmically. The perfect song for celebrations, summer drives with the windows down and family living room dance parties.

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