Collection: Green Buddha

Green Buddha is a reggae/rock/funk band from Boulder, Colorado. The band has been performing their signature blend of “No Coast Reggae” at venues across the Front Range, including The Boulder Theater, Cervantes, The Fox Theater and more. Green Buddha has shared the stage with many other great musical acts, such as Groundation, Euforquestra, and many talented local acts as well. Green Buddha’s Debut album, “Small Town” was released in 2018. The band also released two singles titled, “Neutral Ground,” and "Last Run" on the Color Red record label.

“Green Buddha is a potent musical hybrid… A green salad of the freshest ingredients from Colorado, Southern Cal, and New Orleans… a heady mix that rivals any of the top bands in the burgeoning new reggae movement… one of our favorite sounding albums of the last year”

- Jon Phillips, Silverback Music