Collection: Joel A. Ricci

American musician, Joel Ricci, is a composer, arranger, recording artist and professional session and touring trumpet player who has worked as both leader and sideman in many groups for over 20 years. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Music Composition from Eastern Washington University in 1999. Among his home studio experiments and various performance incarnations, his stage persona, 'Lucky Brown', is probably the most widely-recognized due to his relationship with boutique German funk and jazz reissue label, Tramp Records, for whom Ricci has produced and licensed a dozen 45RPM singles as well as 3 full-length albums of all his own original pieces. The Tramp releases are notable not only in their raw and vernacular deep funk style, but in the artful and authentic way in which they are packaged and shared with the public, meticulously paying reverent homage to the proverbial 'golden age' of American Black Music.