Collection: Phil Wilkinson

Philip Wilkinson was born in 1978 in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He started fooling around with the keyboards at age four and, as of 1985, studied organ -his main instrument- for seven years. He became interested in Jazz in the early nineties, alternating piano and organ, and by the time he was twenty he was teaching piano and improvisation at the Clarendon (Nottingham) University. Phil later met Darius Brubeck, son of the legendary Dave Brubeck. He studied with Darius for one year, and had the opportunity of playing several two-piano concerts with him. Wilkinson then moved to London, developing a successful career as a freelance musician, and appearing with some of the City’s finest musicians in clubs and concert venues such as The Vortex, The Jazz Cafe (Camden), The Royal Festival Hall, Pizza Express and The Purcell Room. After a two-year stint in Ethiopia, where he taught piano at the Addis Ababa Conservatory, Phil moved to Spain in 2006, first living in Barcelona and later getting established in Malaga, where he presently resides. In 2010, Wilkinson had the opportunity to tour Europe with Grammy-nominated guitarist Will Bernard, replacing John Medeski.

Phil is also an accomplished bass-guitarist in the idiom of jazz-rock fusion, and has worked, on that instrument, with Brian Jackson (Gil Scott Heron), Mark Adams (Roy Ayers) y Joseph Bowie (Defunkt).

In later years, Phil has returned to his main instrument, the Hammond organ, and to straight-ahead Jazz. Between 2012 and 2013, Wilkinson has had the opportunity to work with Jazz legends like Larry Coryell, Alvin Queen, Mark Whitfield, Ulf Wakenius, Phillip Catherine, George Braith or Christian Escoudé.