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W.R.D. features some of the mightiest titans on today’s funk and jazz scene: Robert Walter (The Greyboy Allstars, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress), Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds), and Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science). Spurred out of a small handful of one-off performances where the trio found themselves at the same festival, both artist chemistry and popular demand finally brought the group to the Color Red Studios with sessions in summer 2018 and winter 2019. The group has a full-length album due out in mid-2020.
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  • WRD Trio - The Hit (LP) 180g Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
  • WRD Trio - The Hit (CD)
  • Happy Hour / Corner Pocket (45 VS)
  • The Hit
  • Red Sunset
  • Judy
  • Hot Honey
  • Chum City
  • Happy Hour
  • Sleep Depraved
  • Bobby's Boogaloo