Basic Goodness

By: Danny Mayer
Produced By: Danny Mayer
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In his debut solo release, Danny Mayer concocts a mixture of old-school psychedelic funk blended with a “Go-Go”-style drum beat in “Basic Goodness.” The song title is inspired by a concept coined by Tibetan spiritual teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. “Basic Goodness” observes that humans beings are wired to experience joy through entities as simple as sound and color. The concept extends into how nature provides the basic needs for human survival. Once it is recognized that the world around us has all of the basic elements designed for survival, one can exist in a relaxed & natural state, simply feeling and experiencing the vibrations of the world around them. Originating from a drum groove his friend Colin Jalbert sent him, Mayer utilized the downtime of the past year to learn how to record from home. He made a loop from Colin’s groove, added Moog bass, bass guitar, and percussion, which laid the rhythmic groundwork. The guitar parts came next, with relative ease, but they really come together beautifully with some harmonized melodies out of the guitar solo. This track is the lead single off of a full-length record composed by Mayer during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.