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Produced by Khalil Simon, Armando Lopez

Khalil Simon - Sousaphone, Musical Arrangement
Armando Lopez - Saxophone, Horn Arrangements
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Christopher Henry - Trumpet, Vocals
Matthew Rossman - Trumpet
Jake Herman - Snare Drum
K. R. Azad - Bass Drum (Kick)
George Brown - Trombone

Tracking Engineer - Taylor Marvin
Coupe Studios

Mixing Engineer - Taylor Marvin
Coupe Studios

Mastering Engineer - Taylor Marvin
Coupe Studios

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Denver’s mavericks of street music, Brothers of Brass, capture the energy of people leaving a concert in their original song “Egress.” With a titanic New Orleans brass band-inspired sound, “Egress” has all the key components of a full-bodied brass band hit with fiery trumpet screams, rousing saxophone solos, an commanding rhythm section of tuba and drums, and a surprise call-and-response vocal section at the end to take the song home. The group got their start busking on the 16th Street Mall and melds together roots from Atlanta, New Orleans, and the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado and has become a staple in both the local music scene and the touring circuit.

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