Fatty Gnar Gnar

By: Color Red All-Stars , Eddie Roberts
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“Fatty Gnar Gnar” is a slinky, organ-driven psychedelic jam-funk tune by Color Red All-Stars featuring Eddie Roberts, Chris Spies, Jeremy Salken, Charlie Mertens, Gabriel Mervine, and Nick Gerlach. The upbeat riffs set the scene to a summer in the 70s spending the day outside whether it’s soaking up the sun at the beach or trekking up a mountain. The track came to fruition after Spies was scrolling through demos on his phone with Roberts late one night at Color Red Studios and it evolved into what is now known as “Fatty Gnar Gnar.” This is the second track to be released in a full-length album’s worth of material that will be released steadily over the next year.