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Fire Eater

Fire Eater

Produced by David Celia, Michael Duffy

Michael Duffy - Drums
Matt Hornbeck - Guitar
Carey Frank - Electric Organ

Tracking Engineer - Josh Wiener
The F-Spot HQ

Mixing Engineer - David Celia
The F-Spot HQ

Mastering Engineer - Dave Polster

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The White Blinds bring their "homage" to this Rusty Bryant classic. Rolling the tempo back a notch, Duffy and Frank set the stage holding it down for Hornbeck’s swampy guitar melody. The tone is further set for Frank’s organ solo which he blazes in classic White Blinds fashion and just when you think it’s coming back to the melody, we are dropped into a solid open drum solo with Michael Duffy fanning the flames to bring us all the way home.

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