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Goodnight My Love

Goodnight My Love

Produced by Kate Voss, Jason Goessl

Kate Voss - Melodica, Vocals
Jason Goessl - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Bass

Tracking Engineer - Jason Goessl
Parlour Trick

Mixing Engineer - Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller Mastering

Mastering Engineer - Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller Mastering

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This track is as classic as it comes. With a Traditional Jazz instrumental intro, a key change mid-song, and that perfect 1920s diva diction that Sundae just nails is literally music to my ears. Mr. Goessl makes sure to keep the "dreamy exotica" theme alive in this track melding this style seamlessly with the trad jazz feel with some more of his mystery guitar sounds. An added pleasant surprise: drums from Mike Malone. The lyrics of this tune are so innocent and poetic and I couldn't imagine a better ending track for this concept album complete with a spoken "Goodnight" from Sundae at the very end. Well done.

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