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Heart & Soul Dub (J Dubby Mix)

Heart & Soul Dub (J Dubby Mix)

Color Red Producer: J Dubby

Produced by Joel Scanlon

Joel Scanlon - Executive Producer
Matthew Niederhauser - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Ball - Background Vocals, Bass
Casey Theriot - Drums
Nick Sumner - Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Acoustic Piano, Keyboards
Kyle Jerome - Background Vocals, Saxophone
Thomas Holumn - Trombone

Tracking Engineer - Matt Goodwin
Blackdog Recording Studios

Mixing Engineer - Joel Scanlon
Scanhope Sound

Mastering Engineer - Jason "Jocko" Randall
More Sound Recording Studio

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Joel "J Dubby' Scanlon transforms Policulture's original track, Heart & Soul, into a percussive dub masterpiece. With a strong background is percussion and dub engineering, J Dubby changes the perspective of the original Policulture song, and emphasizes some of the most influential lyrics of the track. Dub lies in the heart and soul of Policulture, and provides the groundwork for contemporary reggae to progress to where it is today. Policulture pays tribute to the power of reggae music in this track, and J Dubby throws in his two cents on how reggae music influences all our lives.

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