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Color Red Producer: Mike Tallman

Produced by Mike Tallman

Tyson Meya - Acoustic Piano
Amoureux Kimpioka - Guitar
Moses Bay - Drums
Alliance Matondo - Trumpet
Arnold Asande Diaka - Percussion Instruments
Emmanuel Malango Sankay - Saxophone
Jeremie Nkongolo - Bass

Tracking Engineer - Simplice Jazz

Mixing Engineer - Mike Tallman
Add Noise Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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“Kivu” by Tyson Meya speaks to peace, courage, reconciliation, and stability in the eastern part of The Democratic Republic of Congo. That part of the country has become a land of regional war ravaged by invasions and homegrown rebellion that have killed and displaced millions of people due to its richness in natural resources. The lyrics are sung in Swahili by vocalist Miolango Lady E backed by luscious horn lines and mesmerizing percussion. Meya’s work positions itself nicely next to notable artists including Angelique Kidjo, Hugh Masakela, and Tony Allen.

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