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Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine

Color Red Producer: Strange Hotels
Production Credits:
Produced by Strange Hotels and Charlie Jenkins
Tracking Engineer(s): Ben Braden, Nicholas Sadler
Mixing Engineer(s): Ben Braden, Nicholas Sadler
Mastering Engineer: Nicholas Sadler

All Instruments and Vocals Performed by Strange Hotels
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Strange Hotels releases "Lady Tremaine", their third single off the forthcoming debut full-length album, 'Hideout In The District'. The LA-based duo slows things down for a departure from their usual songwriting style, by highlighting a personal experience and creating a character based entirely on a real-life encounter. While the craft of the song itself may not be usual for Strange Hotels, "Lady Tremaine" stays true to their infectious melodic hooks that successfully placed their music on major TV programs, such as Shameless, and ad campaigns with major brands, such as Dockers. The cool and sleek R&B-infused track shows us that we have plenty more to look forward to from this dynamic duo, getting listeners excited for the full album release in the summer of 2024.
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