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Lean Back

Lean Back

Color Red Producer: Strange Hotels

Produced, Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Strange Hotels

All Instruments and Vocals Performed by Strange Hotels

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Strange Hotels looks to their indie rock roots with "Lean Back", the LA duo's 2nd single from their debut full-album release, 'Hideout In The District'. This latest single takes a departure from their oft-recognized dance and synth grooves to share the early influences of alt/indie rock legends, such as The Strokes and The 1975. With hints of psych and surf rock decorated throughout, "Lean Back" reminds us of the duo's versatility and ability to transport us to that sonic happy place. Beyond their knockout live performances at legendary LA haunts such as Hollywood's Good Times at Davey Wayne's and their early days supporting Billie Eilish in Portland, this latest release from Strange Hotels is yet another testament to their impressive skillsets - having written, recorded, produced, and performed the entirety of this single in their LA studio.
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