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More Than Sum

More Than Sum

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The Pamlico Sound’s “More Than Sum” is a bouncy soul tune that throws it back to high-energy bandstands of the late 60s. Frontman Will Baumgartner reflects on the evolution of the song from its first incarnation as a “Buddy Holly/Bo Diddley” tune which later matured into a bumping dancefloor-summoning anthem comparable to the likes of high-voltage live performers like Fishbone and Sly & The Family Stone. The song’s message is rooted in the adage of the whole being “more than the sum of its parts.” In this case, Baumgartner and co-vocalist Jessica Chernila assert that real love is never about finding someone who "wants a piece of you" and having to pick and choose between those fragmented parts. Instead, genuine love is about loving the whole person including the parts that don’t fit one's preconceived notion of who the person "should" be. The band has been on the Colorado circuit for almost a decade and has shared the stage with several other Color Red artists. After self-releasing their full-length album ‘The Funk is Not for Sale’ in 2019, the group saw a partnership with Color Red as a perfect opportunity to showcase their music on a label whose aesthetics reflect their own, and whose roster includes many of their favorite bands. The group worked with Eddie Roberts to produce the track and capture the live, old-school feel of a cooking rhythm section and in-your-face 4-person horn section.

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