My Side

By: Black Bird Hum
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Black Bird Hum’s “My Side” is drenched in grooves imparted by the group’s favorite reggae artists as the Syndey, Australia collective lays their imprint in roots reggae. “My Side” is a true road-tested song - developed over months of touring - and built around an infectious horn line composed by trombonist Greg Chilcott. The “love-gone-wrong” track marks the introduction of vocalist Little Green stepping out as a leading force with her resonant, ethereal vocals over the band’s deep pocket and carefree grooves. Black Bird Hum is the inaugural Sydney-based band in the Color Red network as drummer Jeff Reiss was a staple in the Denver music scene performing with fellow Color Red artists, ATOMGA before relocating to sunny Syndey. With Color Red being a springboard of global collaborations and Black Bird Hum rising as a standout act in Australia sharing the stage with Arrested Development, Collie Buddz, and more, this is the perfect match to showcase high-quality original music in a cross-continental joint effort.