By: Kings & Associates
Produced By: Jim Scott
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Kings & Associates stitch sultry 60s pop keyboard chords together with indie soul stylings and a triumphant gospel chorus in “Neighbour.” The track was inspired by iconic records by The Beatles, namely ‘White Album’ and ‘Abbey Road,’ in both infectious melodies and universal messages of humanitarianism. The lyrics examine the big picture of loving those around you in your community and not only those you select, directly relate to, and who are related by blood. The band calls for listeners to actively recognize vulnerable groups and individuals that are in their direct sphere of influence, seek them out, and do whatever it takes to ensure they are included and cared for. Formed in Adelaide South Australia in 2014, the Neo-soul group teamed up with Los Angeles-based 7x Grammy winner Jim Scott to record and mix the album and have partnered with Color Red to release their third LP ‘Neighbour’ available in fall 2021.