Not Sorry

By: Sneezy
Produced By: Sneezy
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Sneezy makes their Color Red debut as they pair easy-going hip-hop swagger with enduring pop melodies in “Not Sorry.” The track is an appropriate first impression for new fans and listeners as it’s upbeat, in-the-pocket, and imparts an uplifting message about believing in yourself and being self-assured in knowing you're on the cusp of taking off. Hailing from Chicago, the band is steadily climbing up the nationally touring circuit and making a name for themselves as versatile musical chameleons who seamlessly mix funk, soul, and reggae styles with top-notch improvisation that keep audiences on their toes. The band’s third full-length album ’Open Doors’ will release on Color Red later this year and features fellow Color Red collaborator, Josh Hoyer, as well as appearances from Lyle Divinsky (formerly of The Motet) and Joe Marcinek.