Organ Licker

By: Proud and Nasty
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From behind the Hammond B3, clad in flamboyant outfits from rompers to rainbow jackets and silly hats, bayou-born installation performance artist Michael Zabrek leads Proud and Nasty with the ruthless intensity of James Brown juxtaposed with the clownish hijinks of Andy Kaufman. Birthed from a concept to create a no holds barred, all-inclusive weekly session of groove music at the Sea Monster Lounge (where anyone can join them on stage), he curated a core, house band of bassist/recording engineer, Jason Gray (Polyrhythmics), Adam Gross (Theoretics) on the drum kit; Aaron Harmonson (Von Wildenhaus) on the guitar; and Scott Morning (Polyrhythmics) on horn arrangements and trumpet. Encouraged by long-time friend and collaborator Jimmy James, the band finally laid down their fan favorite, first-set closing number "Organ Licker" in the studio to release as their debut single.