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Sgt. Splendor - Death Of The Hoochie Koo (CD)

Sgt. Splendor - Death Of The Hoochie Koo (CD)

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Sgt. Splendor invites listeners on a journey of social commentary and playful imagination in alt-funk sophomore album ‘Death Of The Hooch Koo.’

When presented with the opportunity to break in a new studio at the same location the Grateful Dead recorded their first demos, most seasoned musicians would seize the chance to create at the sacred grounds to soak in the spirits of one of the most sought-after acts in modern music history. When Joby Pritzker and Aaron Vermut built The Jam Cave and co-founded Buena Vista West Records, they invited Sgt. Splendor, the New York City-based power duo of Kate Vargas and Eric McFadden (George Clinton & P-Funk, Anders Osbourne, Les Claypool) to christen the new space alongside iconic engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell, Iggy Pop). During a 3-day recording session, what was initially anticipated to yield one or two singles turned into a full-length album. Many of the tracks on the album find the group organically entering a new era where they embrace politically leaning topics with courage and compassion. ‘Death of the Hoochie Koo’ epitomizes a sophomore release that pushes outside of comfort zones striking the perfect balance between imaginative merrymaking and change-evoking calls to action.

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