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Santa Fe Sunset

Santa Fe Sunset

Produced by Taylor Hines, Scott Rednor


Scott Rednor - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Michael Jude - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
John Michel - Drums, Vocals, Background Vocals
Rob Eaton JR - Guitar
Eryn O'Ree - Vocals
John Ginty - Piano Accordion, Electric Organ

Tracking Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar Vail Studio

Mixing Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar Vail Studio

Mastering Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar Vail Studio

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>Brothers Keeper’s “Santa Fe Sunset” is a tale inspired by a picturesque sunset in Santa Fe juxtaposed with the little things in life. Co-written by bassist Michael Jude and songwriter Jono Manson, the band sings about the contrast between the gigantism of the southwest sun and all the small things that can tear up the soul—about how one can be the other and how it can be a long walk when you finally decide to take it. The track is part of a collection of songs that will appear on an upcoming record the band worked on with Lee Popa (Cheap Trick, Living Colour, and more) in tandem with bandleader Scott Rednor and studio/mixing engineer Taylor Hines.

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